Top 3 Sites and Resources to Expand Your Knowledge for SEO

Top 3 SEO resources and sites

Top 3 SEO Resources and Sites


One of the most important steps in gaining knowledge about internet marketing and SEO for that matter is to build a good list of sites and resources. I personally have at least a good 5 to 10 websites I check constantly and thoroughly throughout the day so that I don’t miss out on the action or a bit of information. The first of which are usually sites that I get my leads from and potential customers because just by being the first guy to respond to a post you could be $5000 richer within a week. It’s all about timing and being on top of your game when it boils down to it especially trying to make a living as a freelancer.

I’m going to provide you with a list of my 3 favorite websites that I have used to gather and expand my knowledge on SEO.

    1. WarriorsForum – The reason I have this as my number one is that WarriorsForum was the first place where I was actually introduced to SEO as a concept. Before that I thought just because you had a website up and running that search engines would be crawling all over it. This is a great spot for beginners and veterans to either sharpen up their skills or jump head first into a beginners guide for SEO.
    2. Subreddit/Webmarketing- I recently discovered this subreddit and it has increasingly become my favorite resource for SEO articles. You can really get a grasp for which articles are useful or not by their up-voting. This allows for you to trek through the garbage and get straight to the golden SEO articles.
    3. DigitalPoint- The good old webmaster forum that nearly everyone who has went on any online ventures is familiar with. Not too much to say here, but you could spend hours upon hours digging up SEO articles on this site.

I wanted to share these sites with you as I believe in sharing the wealth. If you have any suggestions/tips/comments for me on this article just post in the comment box below.


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New Book Helps Harness the Power of Millennials



The “Millennial Generation” is the most influential, and puzzling, group out there. Although their total numbers have not yet surpassed the Baby Boomers, they are well on their way. With a combined spending power of over $500 billion per year, they cannot be ignored.

To help navigate this unique generation, Blue Capital’s very own Jason Seyler presents Mastering Millennials: Understanding What Motivates Them and Causes Them to Take Action.

The new book explains how to leverage Millennials and gain their loyalty now, before their influence surpasses the generations that have preceded them. It’s no question that this group of people (born between 1980-2000) is unlike any else. They are independent, selfish, motivated and desire to be constantly stimulated. Seyler has developed and built a corporate team of Millennials over the past ten years. His experience harnessing their power both as consumers and colleagues has helped developed proven techniques that he is now sharing with others. Through conducting 11,000 surveys, extensive research and collaborating with co-author and Millennial small business owner Stephanie Desmond (founder of Golden Frog Media), Seyler presents the complete package to one of the toughest obstacles today: attracting Millennials and maintaining their interest.

“Ultimate profit for colleges comes from room and board. If the dorms, suites and housing do not regularly update to remain competitive, they will quickly lose heads in the beds,” according to chapter seven, “Millennials in Higher Education.” Seyler goes on to explain what Millennials are looking for in their college experience, how to help them succeed and the importance of revising outdated traditions across campus.

Desmond interjects her own insights as a Millennial throughout the book to reinforce the theory Seyler has examined. “I distinctly remember [a college] that I toured reminded me of a summer camp,” she adds. “Needless to say, I did not ever want to go back.”

This leads directly into chapter eight: “Housing Millennials.” As residences fight for Millennial renters/leasers, the addition of unique amenities and modern technology is essential. “This generation knows what they want and they will pay for it,” Seyler explains.

Millennials are not only important to campus housing properties. Unlike those that preceded them, this generation is not immediately settling down with a mortgage. They are taking their time by renting throughout college, for the several years following and sometimes even longer. Seyler’s surveys show that 84 percent of Millennials are willing to break their lease or contract in favor of an upgrade. Understanding their needs and desires will help control retention and turnover.

For more on navigating the Millennial maze, visit for a free synopsis or download the Kindle version before the paperback copy becomes available!

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Generating Craigslist Leads

Generating Craigslist Leads


As a freelance web designer the most difficult and scariest part of the job is generating leads. Unfortunately for beginners this is where most of your time is spent rather than designing and coding. You have to let people know that you are open for shop, and the hardest part about the business is getting your word out. This can be especially difficult if you have no money or are starting from scratch and don’t have the pockets to pay for advertising or SEO. In this write-up I’m going to go over a few techniques that have helped me out and have allowed for me to gain clients without any money upfront and having just a computer and an internet connection.

Step One           Decide What You’re Good At

As a designer, coder, marketer, data entry specialist, etc., you must first decide what you are going to focus on and what your strong points are. I personally realized that designing websites was my stronghold and I was going to take that talent and run with it. You don’t always want to be a jack-of-all-trades because that can get you in trouble with clients. If a client asks for a specific task to be done and they are paying for it, they want you to be specialized in that field and not a fly by night kind of guy. Decide what your strong hold is and develop your skills in that area so you can start charging higher prices for a superior service or product.

Step Two          Create an Advertisement

After you have decided what field you’re good at then you want to start building your presence and advertising your services. With little to no money, but assuming you have the computer resources, you can take your graphic skills and come up with a nice banner or even just a text write up. I chose to go with a nice graphic with stand out colors and badges to give my advertisement a great look and to make sure the customer would remember me. Personally, I like something simple, to the point, and laid out where it’s easy for the customer to read and decipher if this is the right service or company they are looking for. Throw in some keywords in the description and make it easier for customers to find you.

Step Three           Post the Advertisement

This was actually the pivotal point in my freelance beginnings believe it or not. This can either be the most important part of the process or the least important, you have to decide that for yourself. For me it was the most important and I’m going to tell you why in hopes you can take this advice and build upon it. So, once you have your talent ready, your advertisement ready, and you’re ready to get the word out to the masses about your services this becomes the last step in the process.

You must take your advertisement and target it to cities that are most likely to want your service or product. In this case our service is Freelance web design, so lets do a quick run through of Craigslist to determine which cities we want to market to. In my trials and tribulations I stumbled upon a site called Search Tempest ( which allowed me to filter through Craigslist ads by the type of gig I wanted, the city I wanted, and how recent the post was. I would search the most recent gigs for Computer and see which cities were garnering the most results for me based on how I filtered the search.

I would take my advertisement that I made and post it on these cities and wait for responses. At first I was only posting locally and only had maybe one or two responses in a two week period, which someone really can’t live off of to be honest. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting the same results so I decided to branch out and post in at least one or two cities per day. Don’t post too many ads, and try to change up the subject line and wording so that you don’t get flagged for spam. Another quick tip is that after a few days Craigslist allows you to renew your ad so that it goes back to the beginning of the search when people click on the type of service they are looking for. This can come in handy when you have a bunch of ads up and want to renew them all at the same time. But, once I started getting the advertisements out and renewing them on schedule I was getting bombarded with leads and almost had too much work to do at one time. So slow and steady is the key in this race, and I hope this gave you a little better insight into gaining leads for freelance work on Craigslist.



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